Located 2 minutes north
of London, Ontario at
13638 Medway Road.

Phone: (519) 660-8048

Medical, vaccination, dental,
surgical, behavioural
and nutritional services
for dogs and cats.
CVO Accredited Facility
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The Arva Animal Hospital has been providing  veterinary care to the greater London area for 60 years.  The founder, Dr. D. S. “Doc” Adams graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1950. He opened the hospital on the horse farm he shared with his wife Margaret.

Dr. Ute Straube began working with Dr. Adams in 1990.  Their mutual love of the profession, and of horses, made it a perfect match!  Dr. Straube took over the leadership of the clinic when Dr. Adams retired in 1993. Dr. Tiffany Learn joined the team in 2012.

Over the years the practice’s patient focus changed from a horse and farm animal service into an exclusively small animal clinic, specializing in canine and feline medicine, behaviour, nutrition, dentistry and surgery.

Our current team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians has a combined 50 years of experience. We are all pet lovers and pet owners. We understand how important compassionate, quality, reliable care is for your furry family members. We are proud to continue the dedicated work started by “Doc” so many years ago!